How did conservative ideas that were at the fringes of political discourse during the 1930s move into the center of American politics by the end of the century? What factors made this move possible?

-Nearly invisible hands from the top, later intertwined with a highly visible billionaire from the bottom, melded like-minded techniques of economic and political education with religiously based cultural issues that brought about the re-emergence of conservative philosophies and the demise of social class empowering policy.¬† I ALSO BELIEVE THAT AS OUR CULTURE BECAME MORE ‘LIBERAL’, THE FEAR OVER CHANGE ALLOWED POLITICALLY CLEVER (ie diabolical) ORGANIZATIONS (and individuals) TO MANIPULATE THE POPULUS INTO ACCEPTING ‘FRINGE’ IDEAS INTO THE MAINSTREAM.


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  1. Karin

    I agree Mike, that over time, “fringe” ideas have become part of the norm now. The masses are easily led through the media (who owns the media??), through government warnings (the color coding of risk levels), and other methods. Free thinking becomes more difficult unless one does not buy into the “norm”.

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