“What was new in the 1980’s was not evangelicals’ interest in politics, but rather a partisan alliance between the GOP and evangelical leaders.  After 1980, conservative evangelicals became one of the Republican Party’s most loyal constituencies.  In turn, evangelicals commitment to the Republican Party gave them a degree of political influence that they had never previously enjoyed.”  (Article from Historically Speaking The Bulletin of the Historical Society)  THIS VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE TRACES THE COALITION BBETWEEN RELIGIOUS GROUPS AND THE GOP.  EVANGELICALS HAVE BEEN WITH THE REPUBLICANS SINCE THE KOREAN WAR AND BILLY GRAHAMS CHOICE, EISENHOWER, THEN SOLIDIFIED WITH THE ELECTION OF A “DANGEROUS CATHOLIC” IN 1960.  IN 1964, SECULARISM, NOT CATHOLICISM BECAME THE ENEMY.  LATER, CONSERVATIVE CATHOLICS AND EVANGELICALS FOUND THEMSELVES AS ALLIES AGAINST THE EVILS OF PORNOGRAPHY AND SEX EDUCATION, AND AFTER ROE V. WADE, ABORTION. ACCORDING TO WILLIAMS, “The Christian Right’s alliance with the Republican Party was the key to the movement’s political prominence, so even in the absence of substative legislative achievements, that relationship has remained intact.”  MAYBE KANSANS HAVE NOT BEEN BAMBOOZELD BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, BUT THEIR RELIGIOUS LEADERS!?


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